Network Security

Let us keep your data safe and keep your business in good hands.

Here at Spartech, we work with you to develop a plan to keep your data safe. We have around the clock protection to limit theft, breaches, and unauthorized access to any data that your company is looking to protect.

Basic Security Measures
Internal and External Security
Security Testing
Multi-layer Security
Data Retention
  • Organizing and eliminating data depending on use, security, and storage availability.
Data Protection
  • Comply with data protection laws and follow best practices.
  • Protect the rights of staff, customers, and any related data subjects.
  • Ensure transparency around how Spartech collects, stores, and processes individuals’ data.
Privacy and Confidentiality
  • Retention, archival, and disposal of classified information.
  • Handling devices providing access to classified information.
  • Help to ensure that business and legal requirements related to information retention, retrieval, and disposal are followed.
  • Disposal of media that was used to store classified information.
    • Spartech will follow R2v3 requirements
Wireless LAN User Use
  • To ensure secure and appropriate use of Spartech’s wireless services.
Enterprise Information Security
  • Establish a coordinated, enterprise approach to data security.
  • Implement effective systems for handling security breaches and data loss.
  • Ensure that data under the care of organization is safeguarded appropriately.

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